Category: Animal Hats and Slippers

I friend asked me to make slippers for her whole family for Christmas. Here is what I made.

brown bunny slippers

teddybeay slippers

white & orange bunney slippers


Dinosaur Hat

Dinasaur hat

Cookie monster hat

Minnion Hat

minnion hat

A young lady, at the soccer academy, wanted an owl hat. She gave me the colors she wanted and I made a one of a kind hat just for her. I hope she likes it.

one of a kind

I met a photographer at the Spryfield craft sale. She wanted me to try to make a robot hat and diaper cover for newborns, so that she could take pictures in her studio. This is what I came up with.

robot hat and diaper cover

These are intended to be a mother’s day gift for friend. A lady orders these from me while I was at a craft sale in Spryfield just before Easter. What a nice gift for a friend.

adult hello kitty silppers

This is my latest creation. A friend asked if I could make her a pair of these along with a horse hat so that she can wear them at camp fires while they are camping. I hope she loves them. I think I already know what her reaction will be.

cowboy boot slippers

Love Bird Hat

Lady Bug Hat