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My dear friend… a cancer survivor.

I took this picture of a dear friend of mine a year or so before she discovered she had breast cancer. Every time I look at the picture I am reminded what a beautiful person she is. There is something about the way I captured her, in her moment, enjoying her passion for  photography. This photo makes me think of strenght, beauty and passion. Things we should be reminded  every day that we have  in ourselves.




I have been working on this one for a while, trying to figure put how to do the webbing. I end up getting puffy material paint. I think this one turned out pretty good too.

These are two hat I finished on the weekend. I enjoy making these while we sit and watch TV. I can’t sit and do nothing, so I pick up my yarn. It takes me to another place…. I like that idea too.

I finished they frog hat last week. I really like the way it turned out.

Guitar player

I took this photo of Nicole, playing the guitar, several years ago. This is what is considered a true Marco photo. A very shallow dept of field with a single point in focus. I just love this kind of photography.

This is one on my first and favorite flowers photos. It was taken at Peggy’s Cove. The photo club had gone out the take photos of the sunset. But, before the sun went down , I took a picture of these flowers. I love the way the sun was shining down on the front part of the flower.

I have a selection of knitted frill scarves all for sale for $15.oo .









I’ve been very busy lately but have now found my way back to my blog. I had posted earlier that I wanted topost some of my knitted creations. So, here today I’m adding photos os my animal hats. All these hats are for sale and range in prince from $12 and up depending on the detail.

My Sleepy Owl Hat 

Bear Hat 

Ehor Hat  

Puppy Hat