Category: Cowls / Neck Warmers

$20.00 Alpaca Wool – Cowl / Neck Warmer – Male or Female

100% Alpaca Wool – Hand wash cold dry Flat.



$20.00 Delicate Cowl / Neck Warmer

Shades of Purple 100 % Cotton – Hand wash dry flat


$20.00 Cowl – Neck Warmer – Female or Male

Made with 20 % wool and 80 % Acrylic.
Machine wash & Dry. Will Soften with every wash.


$20.00 Cowl – Neck Warmer – Female or Male
Made with 20% wool and 80% acrylic yarn. Machine wash and dry. Will soften with every wash.


This cowl I made for myself. I love it! I even made a hat to match. Taking order!

grey and white zigzag cowl

white & grey hat with cowl

black & grey cowl size

black & grey cowl

overhead black & grey cowl

Another neck warmer / cowl in 80% Acrylic 20% wool. – $15.00

wheat neck warmer cowl

This neck warmer \ cowl is made of 80% Acrylic and 20% wool. $15.00

barley neck warmer cowl

This multi color wool cowl with tassels is 53% wool and 37% acrylic. $18.00

wool cowl

wool cowl close up

This is a white chuncy wool cowl with tassels. – $18.00

white cowl

white wool cowl closeup