Category: Photography

Portrait photos

I took my daughter and her friends out for portrait photos in the fall colors. Here is a series of photos that I took.


My dear friend… a cancer survivor.

I took this picture of a dear friend of mine a year or so before she discovered she had breast cancer. Every time I look at the picture I am reminded what a beautiful person she is. There is something about the way I captured her, in her moment, enjoying her passion for  photography. This photo makes me think of strenght, beauty and passion. Things we should be reminded  every day that we have  in ourselves.



Guitar player

I took this photo of Nicole, playing the guitar, several years ago. This is what is considered a true Marco photo. A very shallow dept of field with a single point in focus. I just love this kind of photography.

This is one on my first and favorite flowers photos. It was taken at Peggy’s Cove. The photo club had gone out the take photos of the sunset. But, before the sun went down , I took a picture of these flowers. I love the way the sun was shining down on the front part of the flower.

Daisy photos

The type of pictures  I love taking the most are macro pictures of flowers. These yellow Daisy flowers have been admired by some of my friends as well as fellow photographers. I usually buy flowers from the grocery store and do my photography inside. I have a garden with wonderful flowers but, the wind is too much to deal with doing macro photography.

Marco photography usually means that you take one point on interest in your subject and focus on that point. Your dept of field is usually very shallow, so any movement created by wind will lead to an awfull lot of photos that are just not in focus anywhere in the photo. When photographing for  an hour or so, it can be very frustrating to find out that not one of your photos has turned out the way you wanted it to. So, after learning the hard way, I do my flower macro photography INSIDE!