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black & grey cowl size

black & grey cowl

overhead black & grey cowl


alpaca white infinity scarf

alpaca wool white infinity scarf

alpaca scarf pattern

I made several of these lamb’s wool hats. They are so easy to make. I’m hoping to soon be able to pick up more lamb’s wool so that I can make more.

100% Lamb’s Wool – hand wash cold dry flat.



lambs wool hats

I friend asked me to make slippers for her whole family for Christmas. Here is what I made.

brown bunny slippers

teddybeay slippers

white & orange bunney slippers

Dinosaur Hat

Dinasaur hat

Cookie monster hat

newfoundland mitts 3

newfoundland mitts 2

Newfoundland Mittens sell for $18.00 / pair adult size
$15.00 / pair child size

Newfoundland mittens

Minnion Hat

minnion hat

I have been asked if I make wash cloths or dish cloths. Well Here are some that I’ve made. They are made of 100 % cotton.

lime wedge wash cloth

spiral wash cloth

various wash cloths

wash cloth 1

wash cloth 2